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  • The Florida School Psychologist, FASP's Newsletter, for news on public policy, professional issues, research articles, product reviews, job listings, opinion pieces, and more.

FASP Policy Statements and Position Papers

The following is a list of FASP Executive Board-approved policy, position, and best practice statements.

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The Florida Association of School Psychologists (FASP) is a professional association whose members advocate for children to promote positive student outcomes. School psychologists are actively engaged in problem solving, prevention and intervention, assessment, counseling, mental health, special needs, and crises.

FASP is comprised of approximately 700 school psychologists working in Florida's 67 school districts and in a variety of public, private and alternative settings. The mission of FASP is to promote and advocate for positive educational development and mental health of Florida's children and youth in educational systems and their communities through the profession of school psychology.

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