Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis

The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) committee was developed as a way of providing FASP members with resources, collegiality, and training to further develop behavior analytic skills. As School Psychologists, we find ourselves using ABA on a frequent basis.

Toby Hartranft, Applied Behavior Analysis Chair

Whenever we work with behavior problems in the classroom, chair FBA committees, or promote positive behavior change in our schools, we look into our ABA toolkit, hoping to find techniques to make the difference in the life of child. As FASP members, we are always looking for ways of improving our practice, learning new skills, and helping children. That is where ABA comes in.

One of the outstanding features of ABA is that it is the most evidence-based means for addressing the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which has increased dramatically in our schools. Behavior analytic principles are an especially relevant source of interventions for children on the spectrum. In addition, ABA is considered the primary means of improving language and communication for ASD students.

As the FASP ABA committee, we are here to provide you with the most current literature in the field involving ABA and its applications with students on the spectrum. In addition, we plan to be a liaison between school psychology and behavior analysis. We will provide our FASP membership with ABA information and resources that will further your skill development. Anyone who is interested in contributing ideas, connecting with members with similar interests, or learning about training opportunities, please contact us at [email protected].

Some of the preliminary websites we would like to share are as follows:

Specific books that you may find helpful are below.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (Cooper, Heron & Heward)
  • Functional Assessment: Strategies to Prevent and Remediate Challenging Behaviors in School Settings (Chandler & Dahlquist)
  • Behavior Modification: Principles & Procedures (Miltenberger)
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment (Cipani & Schock)
  • Functional Assessment and Program Development for Problem Behavior: A Practical Handbook (O'Neill, Horner, Albin, Sprague, Storey & Newton)
  • Communication-Based Intervention for Problem Behavior: A User's Guide for Producing Navigating the Social World (McAfee)
  • Classroom Management for All Teachers: Plans for Evidence-Based Practice (Cipani)
  • When Children Refuse School (Kearney & Albano)
  • School Refusal (Wimmer)
  • Positive Change (Carr, Levin, McConnachie, Carlson, Kemp & Smith)


We are looking forward to working together harmoniously to promote our organization and the skills of our members, so that we will ultimately be able to help Florida children be more successful in school. Join us!