FASP CE Coordinator

FASP CE Coordinator

The CE Coordinator will maintain and renew provider status with the various boards/organizations, maintain CE records per FAC rules & NASP standards, interface with Florida Department of Health and CE Broker, provide all CEU forms & documents to workshop organizers, collect/summarize evaluation forms, advise FASP members about obligations as a CE provider, and assist members with CE concerns, questions and issues

Juliana Stolz, FASP CE Coordinator

We are the people you see at the conference (and Summer Institute) running back and forth between the CE Sign-in/Sign-out tables making sure...read more


Greetings FASP members from your friendly neighborhood CE Coordinator! Below is information regarding licensure and certification which you may find helpful:

Florida Licensure: Board of School Psychology, Validity period - 2 yrs, need 30 hours of continuing education credit. 2 hours on Domestic Violence (every 3rd renewal period); 2 hours on Medical Errors (every renewal period).

Licensee is required to maintain documentation for 6 years.

To find out when your license expires:



Florida Certification: Validity period: 5 yrs, need 120 in-service points or 6 semester hours of college credit. Six (6) semester hours of college credit or equivalent must be earned during each renewal period to renew your certificate. Sixty (60) in-service points in an approved Florida master in-service program are equivalent to three (3) semester hours of college credit.

To find out when your validity period ends:

National Certification (NCSP): Validity period: 3 yrs, need 75 hours of CPD activities

To find out when your NCSP expires:

To further encourage high quality CPD, the NCSP Board is instituting two new CPD content standards that will be phased in over the next few years:

  • Training in Ethics and Professional Practices - January 2009. If your NCSP credential is due for renewal in January 2009 and beyond, you must attest to the completion of 3 hours of professional development in ethics or professional practices.
  • Training from a NASP or APA Approved Provider - January 2010. The NASP-Approved Provider system was created to assist school psychologists in obtaining quality professional development. NASP Approved Providers must demonstrate that their offerings align with NASP standards, are provided by qualified professionals, and are intended to enhance professional competencies, skills or knowledge. NCSPs must obtain 10 of the 75 CPDs required for renewal from NASP- or APA-approved providers during each three-year renewal period. FASP is a NASP Approved Provider #1029



FASP is approved by the Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance to offer CEs toward licensure for continuing education offerings. CEs are available for Licensed School Psychologists and Licensed Psychologists (CE Provider #50-693); and Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling (BAP-174). FASP is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists to offer continuing education for school psychologists. FASP maintains responsibility for the program (NASP Approved Provider #1029). As always, there will be strict adherence to sign-in and sign-out procedures to allow us to maintain our status as CE Providers.

FASP cannot offer inservice points for renewal of Florida certification for Certified School Psychologists or other educational specialists holding a professional certificate issued by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). However, many school districts have procedures to obtain inservice points toward renewal of FDOE certificates under their master inservice component. Participants should check with their school district's certification officer to verify eligibility and procedures to earn inservice points for this workshop.

CE Broker Partners Program
Members of the Florida Association of School Psychologists will receive $5 off of the $29 subscription, for a total of $24 instead of the previous $25 ($35 - $10). For those who want to maintain constant access to CE Broker, the discount amounts to $10 per two years just as before (FASP members should contact FASP's Current President to receive the code).