FASP Planning & Development

FASP Planning & Development

The function of this position and its committee is to facilitate development of annual and long-term goals for FASP, its officers and committee chairpersons. Other functions of the P & D Committee which have evolved over time include supervising periodic revisions of the Policies, Procedures & Positions (PPP) Manual, helping officers and committee chairpersons organize Executive Board paperwork, aiding in formulating an annual budget, conducting a Past Presidents' Forum at the Annual Conference, and orienting new Executive Board members through a mentor/mentee program.

Geoffrey Freebern, FASP Planning & Development Chair

Currently, the Planning and Development Committee-in association with the Operations and Accountability Work Group-is looking at revisions to the PPP manual to assist in EB operations. In addition, there is a look towards strategic planning by examining the FASP mission statement and strategic objectives. That is because the FASP EB has been envisioning the future, with a look towards meeting the needs of children through the context of changes which have occurred; namely, ESSA, other federal and state policies that impact daily practice, the emphasis on role accountability and the climate of high stakes assessment.

The challenge for all school psychologists in the state of Florida is to identify those principles that will not change, despite other changes, and to collaborate on the best means of accomplishing our goals and delivering services.

FASP involvement offers you a way to contribute to your profession, stretch your capabilities, and collaborate with other professionals. If you would like to learn more about FASP involvement, please contact me.