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Rachel Fidler, FASP's Student Delegate

The role of the Student Delegate(s) is to serve as a liaison between FASP and the School Psychology students of Florida. The goal is to serve prospective school psychology students by providing information about the different graduate programs throughout Florida, answering questions or concerns about applying for such a program, and addressing any other needs or ideas a student may present. In addition, the student delegate hopes to serve current graduate students by creating open lines of communication so students can share any personal or professional concerns, needs, or ideas related to issues in School Psychology. 


  • Receive reduced rates to attend the Annual Conference, Summer Institute, and regional workshops
  • Keep informed on current issues and how other psychologists in the state are contributing to the field through frequent email communications and FASP publications
  • Receive important information on issues being discussed by our legislators at the state level
  • Learn FASP's platform on these important issues and learn ways of advocating for an area of concern to you
  • Receive an opportunity to share research or experiences from practica and internships by contributing articles to the newsletter and website

Allow your voice to be heard by participating in surveys, assisting with the work of FASP committees, or sending suggestions to the Executive Board members.

FASP has established an Internship Standardization Process, through which Florida's public school districts and graduate SP training programs create a consistent and fair experience.
  • January 2024: Prospective interns submit applications and/or letters of interest to the districts throughout the month.
  • February 2024: District representatives interview prospective interns throughout the month.
  • March 4, 2024: Positions are offered to prospective interns. Offers may continue through March 7.
Additionally, our Internship Guide shows which counties have internships, names and numbers for the contact person, and other helpful information.

FASP is pleased to share the following recording of Rhonda Said's heavily attended and always appreciated presentation on Preparing for Your School Psychology Internship. A special thanks to Rhonda Said, Nova Southeastern University, and the Training & Credentialing Committee for making this a possibility.


FASP Conferences allow students to:
  • Choose from a variety of workshops providing information and resources on topics of interest to you
  • Strengthen research and presentation skills through student-to-student presentations
  • Volunteer at the conference and learn how a conference operates
  • Receive beneficial information on employment opportunities, resume design, and interviewing skills
  • View the latest assessment materials and products at the resource fair
  • Receive training from some of the most widely known experts in the field
  • Create new ideas for future research, presentations, and publications
  • Become informed on a topic and share the knowledge with fellow classmates back at your university program
  • Meet and collaborate with other students in the state
  • Develop relationships with other professionals in the field
  • Make connections with district personnel from around the state to discuss internship and employment opportunities
Links of Interest
School Psychology Program Information
State Associations
FASP Training & Credentialing Committee

Prospective Students

Pursuing a degree in School Psychology in Florida...
It can be a daunting task to choose a graduate school and program to attend. Choosing your graduate program is the first step in entering the exciting field of School Psychology. We have provided you with a list of the schools in Florida that offer graduate programs in this field and the programs each school offers. In addition, a website to each school is provided so you can email the appropriate contacts and review the information from the original source.

We wish you luck as you embark upon this exciting phase in your academic career.

Barry University (Degree: SSP)
Miami Shores, Florida
Main Website:
School Psychology Website:

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (Degree: EdS)
Tallahassee, Florida
Main Website:

Florida International University (Degree: EdS)
Miami, Florida
Main Website:
School Psychology Website:

Florida State University (Degree: MS, EdS, PhD)
Tallahassee, Florida
Main Website:
School Psychology Website:

National Louis University-Tampa (Degree: EdS)
Tampa, Florida
Main website:
School Psychology Website:

Nova Southeastern University (Degree: PsyS, PsyD)
Fort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida
Main website:
School Psychology Website:

University of Central Florida (Degree: EdS)
Orlando, Florida
Main Website:
School Psychology Website:

University of Florida (Degree: EdS, PhD)
Gainesville, Florida
Main Website:
School Psychology Website:

University of South Florida (Degree: EdS, PhD)
Tampa, Florida
Main Website:
School Psychology Website: